How To Support World Syahadah Council

World Syahadah Council spread the true teachings of Almighty Allah, His First and last Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon Him). The knowledge and wisdom of witnessing, bringing people to the knowledge, application of witnessing in this world and hereafter.

This main goal is to bring humanity to know, to feel and to experience the real peace, mercy, harmony, love, unity, solidarity and tranquility within one self and to spread them far and wide globally.

WSC call upon individuals, organization and philanthropist to support WSC Global Mission
cause through contributions and volunteering.

Join WSC Volunteer Program

WSC is looking for talented and skilled people, advisors and researchers to volunteer the upcoming event and for succesive WSC events planned up to 2023.

A certificate will be awarded at the successfull completion of the event. Register yourself as a volunteer.

World Syahadah Council Volunteer Signup